15 Things About Me

  1. I’ve been homeschooled all throughout high school.

  2. I don’t have a driver’s license despite literally being a legal adult.

  3. I dyed my hair purple in sixth grade. Don’t ask. The pictures have been burned.

  4. Art supplies = my love language.

  5. I’m so insecure about my feet! I wear a size 11 and I have an extra bone in both feet. 

  6. I almost applied to Law School because I want to be Elle Woods most days.

  7. I am the great-great-granddaughter of an immigrant, therefore I’m seriously working on my Spanish.

  8. My first kiss was on a trampoline.

  9. I used to sing songs from the Little Mermaid every time I was in a pool because I believed I would become Ariel.

  10. My favorite thing to do is compliment strangers.

  11. If I could go anywhere in the world for a year it would be South Africa.

  12. I have a weird obsession with brushing my teeth but the dentist doesn’t seem to mind.

  13. My secret talent is that I can wiggle my ears. I used to think I could put this on my resume.

  14. I have dinner with my Mom’s family every Sunday. Not all 73 members just about 20.

  15. I’ve started three fires in my mom’s kitchen. Don’t worry, I didn’t burn the house down.

Kelly BreedloveComment