Get The Look

“Style is a way to show who you are without having to speak.” - Rachel Zoe

Fashion has always been one of my favorite mediums by using texture, patterns, and colors to express different moods. Fashion is more than just expressing oneself, it is an extension of personality. Here are some of my favorite tips and tricks when getting ready for my day!


Nothing completes a look like the little details. For me, I generally will take hues from whatever color my shoes are and customize my makeup to compliment. It’s all in the details, my friends. Shiny red stilettos - matching red lipstick. Purple velvet pumps - matte purple shadow. Nude shoes - glossy lip. It’s finding a balance without being too matchy-matchy; finding just the right accent to make your look pop but not be obnoxious.

But sometimes it’s good to be “in-your-face,” right?

Number 2 HAIR.

I absolutely despise doing my hair. I’m not good at it whatsoever so I always leave it natural but sometimes the dry shampoo just doesn’t cut it. Throw your hair up into a messy bun and pair it with a headband or wrap a colorful scarf around the bun. This offers the illusion that your hair clean when odds are you haven’t washed it in three days and probably aren’t planning to. Life tends to get in the way when schedules are jam packed.

Plus, “the messy bun” is so in these days.

Number 3 BRANDS.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love some Gucci pumps and Mui Mui sunglasses but nevertheless, I am balling on a budget. But aren’t we all? Go out and support your local businesses and boutiques. Hometown finds are the best. Two of my favorite shops here in Fort Worth are Esther Penn and Dear, Hanna. Esther Penn is on West 7th and meets all of your trendy fashion needs at a reasonable price. Hanging out near TCU? Swing by Dear, Hanna in University Park Village for a catch-all handbag to complete your look. 

This outfit is 100% EP.


Every piece and every detail from head to toe represents you. When I’m needing that extra boost of confidence, I lean on my signature all-black look and sparkling jewelry paired with heels. Or sometimes, to channel my inner hippy, you’ll catch me in an oversized sweater, hoop earrings, and booties. That’s why fashion is my favorite form of self expression. It gives you the opportunity to play up different parts of yourself. The truth is it doesn’t matter what you wear as long as it is authentic to who you are. If you want to wear heels to the gym, wear heels to the gym. If your favorite color is green and you want the world to know, rock that green. If you want to wear a crop top but you’re scared of what other people think, wear it anyways!

It’s your life. Live it!