Growing Up With The Boys


What many people don’t know is that I grew up with boys, which is ironic because I’m such a “girly girl.” Naturally, having two brothers who both play sports, a girl learns to throw a football before the art of makeup. My childhood memories are filled with shooting nerf guns, playing video games, and trying but failing to beat my brothers in basketball. But we all grow up sometime. 


I’m a tall girl. I’ve been 5’10” since middle school but my brothers continued growing and soon surpassed me. Now, they tower over most people including my younger brother Paul who is 6’3”. Having brothers makes dating a fun challenge, especially when they’re modern giants. My brothers and I have most of the same friends so I was always considered “one of the bros.” Considering my brothers are the size of mountains, bringing boys home probably wasn’t the best idea anyways. I mean come on, think about inviting your boyfriend over to a house with two huge football players. Not the brightest idea. Needless to say, I didn’t date much in high school. 

I always know my brothers have my back. They are my people.

Nevertheless, I always know my brothers have my back. They are my people. When I was younger, I never really understood why they were so protective. I thought they were just being mean when they would tell a guy to back off. However, looking back, I see that those guys weren’t right for me and my brothers were just keeping me from a broken heart. As much as Kent and Paul guard my heart, I hope I do the same for them. As their sister, without me, I’m sure they would be stuck eating Pop Tarts for breakfast, wearing their shoes backwards, and forgetting their girlfriends’ birthdays. Brothers and sisters complete each other. Lucky for me, mine double as my best friends.