How To Make Confetti Eggs

Cascarones, also known as confetti eggs, are a big deal in my family. Every year growing up, we made them at my grandmother’s house the week before Easter. In the Hispanic culture, having a confetti egg cracked on your head brings good luck. Start your Spring with an extra burst of good luck! We decided to change it up a little bit this year by filling our eggs with glitter instead of confetti. This blog post was so fun to put together. I hope you enjoy making these with your friends or family!


what you need


egg dye


tissue paper


mod podge

sponge brushes

paper plates

Don’t be afraid to get messy, because you most definitely will!


step one

the egg

Before anything else, you have to clean out the eggs. After much trial and error, we figured out the best way to prepare the eggs is to use a toothpick to poke holes. Then empty out the insides and rinse the egg with water. Set to dry. Make sure you let them dry completely before dye-ing.


step two

color pop

Time to dye your eggs! There are a few different ways to dye eggs. You can use food coloring or an egg dye kit. We decided to run to Michael’s and pick up a kit. Follow the directions on the back of the box!


step three


The easiest way to get the glitter inside the egg is to cut a small piece of paper and use it as a funnel. You can fill your eggs as much as you want. The more glitter, the bigger the finale! Use chunky glitter instead of pixie glitter. Target sells an amazing assortment of glitter that is perfect for this project. Use bright colors so that when they crack, it’s a rainbow!

Here’s a tip

Make sure you’re careful when opening your glitter because I was not and it went all over the floor.


step four

tissue paper

Cut the tissue paper into little squares. You want to make sure that they’re big enough to cover the egg’s hole but not so big that they cover up the entire egg. Once your tissue paper is ready, pour your mod-podge on to your plate. Mix some of your glitter into your mod-podge and use a sponge to cover the outside of your egg. Then cover with tissue paper and coat again to make sure it really sticks. Since there was so much excess glitter on the table, we decided to roll the eggs in the loose glitter while they were still wet. (Not necessary but I think it gave the eggs a little something extra!) Let them sit to dry for about thirty minutes.

step five

have some fun

We had so much fun with this blog post and I hope you enjoyed it! If you decide to make glitter confetti eggs, please send me pictures of your final product!