Mi Familia


I would not be where I am without the support of mi familia. Honestly, I’ve never had a ton of friends. Growing up, I spent most Saturday nights at home with my mom but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. She’s my best friend. Growing up, my brothers and I were always super close. Everyone called us

“The Three Amigos”

and it just kind of stuck. Literally our group text is called Madre and the Amigos. Throughout high school, I was forced to deal with some really tough things that I couldn’t have gotten through without my family. Every time I wanted to quit, every time I cried, they were there. What I’ve learned is that life can be really hard sometimes but as long as you have the support of your family, you can get through anything.


I will never be able to thank my mother enough for all the sacrifices she’s made to make my dreams become a reality. She is a single working mother who believes there is nothing more important than the three of us finding joy in whatever we do. She is an actual superwoman. When I was young I wanted to be a dancer, so she put me in dance lessons. Then I wanted to be a painter so I was in an art class everyday. When I started singing, she did everything in her power to make sure I was doing exactly what I needed to do to gain success. She put her own dreams on the back burner so that I could pursue what I love. Soon we’ll be doing a series of blog posts about our relationship and how we became so close. Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter so you don’t miss it!


Kent and Paul have been my rocks. We have struggled through so much together and what could have broken us apart actually brought us closer together. I used to wish that I hadn’t faced some of the trials I had to walk through but now, I can appreciate what I learned from them and the relationship with my brothers that grew because of them. These boys are pretty amazing if I do say so myself. We’re always laughing and cooking together at night. We especially love whipping up breakfast for dinner! They definitely know how to make my day.