My First Time

There’s a first time for everything.

Literally everything.

Have you ever thought what was the first time you drank coffee or made your own pancakes? Those aren’t the most glamorous “firsts” but they are firsts nonetheless. Remembering your firsts can be an eye-opening reflect on just how beautiful life can be.


So here are some of my firsts

  1. My first kiss was on a trampoline with the boy next door, literally he lived across the street. He was probably my first love. Hopefully he won’t ever see this.

  2. My first dog was our golden retriever Zoey. She was the first responsibility my parents gave my brothers and I. She’s eight now and still just as cute as when she was a puppy!

  3. My first job was working for my grandfather at our family restaurant, Joe T. Garcia’s. I was just a little eleven-year old answering phones in the office on a snow day.

  4. My first car was a barbie buggy. I still don’t have my license, sorry about it. I promise you’ll be the first to know when I finally decide to get my driver’s license.

  5. My first concert was the Taylor Swift Speak Now concert. I remember singing Back to December like I could relate as an eight-year old. I definitely could not.

  6. My first celebrity crush was Simba from the Lion King. You know what I’m talking about.

  7. My first black eye was actually when I was one year old but the first black eye I can recall was in sixth grade at a basketball game. A girl elbowed me right in the face and my eye was bruised for two weeks. Made for some really cool photos.

  8. My first song I ever recorded was a cover of A Thousand Years by Christina Perri when I was fifteen. I always related to that song not in the romantic sense but in that I would wait A Thousand Years if it meant I could keep singing. 

  9. My first dream was to be on broadway. I used to dream about moving to New York, walking down Broadway just to look up and see my name in lights. Maybe one day.

  10. My first time cooking a full meal was actually just about a month ago. I prepared fried pork chops with a side of mashed potatoes and green beans. It was m y first time making a full meal and I had never made any of those things before. Not to pat myself on the back or anything but it was pretty great if I do say so myself.

  11. My first big achievement was hitting one million plays on my cover of Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years. I’ve never screamed as loud as that day! Never in my life did I imagine I would have that kind of success. 

  12. My first experience driving was definitely one for the books. As I stated earlier, I still don’t have my driver’s license and for good reason. I think I’m too ADD to be behind the wheel because I almost crashed my dad’s truck in a parking lot.

  13. My first time wearing makeup was at five years old. I was a competitive dancer with glitter on my face at all times. What can I say? Not much has changed about my makeup routine. 

  14. My first time on stage was when I was six years old in the production of Annie. I was an orphan. Needless to say, I fell in love with the stage then and there. 

  15. My first time cussing in front of my mom. Not sure when it was, probably around eighth grade but I know the last time was shortly before I wrote this post. 

In clonclusion

There is so much life left to be lived. Enjoy the firsts because you only get them once.