My Fort Favs



To be completely honest, I’ve never enjoyed working out. I don’t like waking up early especially not to sweat but when I started going to Enduralab, my entire view on working out flipped. Enduralab is a community. When you walk through the door in the morning, everyone is excited to see you. Working out used to be a chore for me but now it’s just a part of my daily routine.


Recently, I’ve discovered I am useless without my morning coffee. You can generally find me at Craftwork in the mornings working on blog posts and sipping a cappuccino. What I love about Craftwork is that it’s a very inviting place and the coffee is amazing! A bonus: there’s always a friendly face when you look up from your computer.



Now, I’m not a huge dessert person. I generally go for salty over sweet but Melt Ice Cream combines both!  Not sure how I’m supposed to get my summer body right when every Friday night I’m standing in line to try one of their newest flavors. Melt is the cutest ice cream shop in town. Walking in, you feel like a kid again.


If you haven’t noticed, clothing is a huge part of my life. Esther Penn makes up half my closet. What I love about EP is that there’s something there for everyone and it’s also the perfect price range. There’s no better feeling than walking down the street in a new pair of jeans!