We Speak Your Names

over the course of the next few weeks, i will be talking more about women’s issues. This week i decided to share my favorite pearl cleage poem.

Because we are free women,

born of free women,

who are born of free women,

back as far as time begins,

we celebrate your freedom.

Because we are wise women,

born of wise women,

who are born of wise women,

we celebrate your wisdom.

Because we are strong women,

born of strong women,

who are born of strong women,

we celebrate your strength.

Because we are magical women,

born of magical women,

who are born of magical women,

My sisters,

we are gathered here to speak your


We are here because we are your daughters

as surely as if you had conceived us, nurtured us,

carried us in your wombs, and then sent us out

into the world to make our mark

and see what we see, and be what we be, but better,

truer, deeper

because of the shining example of your own

incandescent lives.

We are here to speak your names

because we have enough sense to know

that we did not spring full blown from the

forehead of Zeus,

or arrive on the scene like Topsy, our sister once

removed, who somehow just growed.

We know that we are walking in footprints made

deep by the confident strides

of women who parted the air before them like the

forces of nature that you are.

We are here to speak your names

because you taught us that the search is always for

the truth

and that when people show us who they are, we

should believe them.

We are here because you taught us

that sisterspeak can continue to be our native


no matter how many languages we learn as we

move about as citizens of the world

and of the ever-evolving universe.

We are here to speak your names

because of the way you made for us.

Because of the prayers you prayed for us.

We are the ones you conjured up, hoping we

would have strength enough,

and discipline enough, and talent enough, and

nerve enough

to step into the light when it turned in our

direction, and just smile awhile.

We are the ones you hoped would make you


because all of our hard work

makes all of yours part of something better, truer,


Something that lights the way ahead like a lamp

unto our feet,

as steady as the unforgettable beat of our collective


We speak your names.

We speak your names