Why I Started My Blog

People often ask me why I started la vida mas bella.


La Vida Mas Bella was launched exactly six months ago today. I began working on my blog in 2016. I was going through my journals, reading all of the things that I had written over the years and it hit me, I should start a blog! There are so many people who have been through the same exact things I have. Why not create a platform where I can share my stories and see if anyone can relate? Pain is a difficult feeling to deal with. Through processing though.

After almost three years of hard work, I cannot believe that this is where I am now.

“Develop enough courage so that you can stand up for yourself and then stand up for somebody else.”
— Maya Angelou

When I first published my blog, I didn’t realize how healing it would be for me. My main priority was helping other people, and simultaneously it has assisted in healing some of my own wounds. By thinking about the past and bringing up old memories, I realized how much healing I still have to do. I believe that every heartache has a purpose whether you find it or create it yourself.

Talking about the hard things on a public platform used to be frightening. I was worried about the judgement I would receive or backlash for speaking up for what I believe in. But I was so wrong. I have received nothing but encouragement and an overwhelming amount love. It is truly incredible. I never could have expected or prepared for this beautiful outcome. So here we are, at the six month mark. Let’s see what else is in store for La Vida Mas Bella. More to come, next Thursday.