You Can't Live Without Music

When I was little, my mother had my brothers and I write stories for her. She taught us that we come from a long line of story tellers. At the time, I thought she just wanted to see what we would write. Looking back, I see how much that molded and shaped my writing abilities. It opened up my creative brain. Years went by and I started turning those stories into songs. There’s this quote which I know I’ve used in my blog before, but it so perfectly explains music that I’m going to share it again.

You can’t live without music and water
— quincy jones

I was fifteen years old when I recorded my first original. We were thinking about recording an EP (which I like to refer to as a “baby album"), and I was trying to figure out what direction to go in. It was all up to me. My producer and mom would spit out ideas while we were in the studio but nothing seemed to click. And then one day when I was sitting on my couch going through my journals, it hit me.


If you can’t tell by my Instagram, colors are a huge part of my life. I’m pretty sure the day I was born there was a rainbow outside. I started writing songs about every color, which to this day are still sitting in my journal from three years ago. One day I hope to perfect and produce the rest of them. Reading through all the songs, my producer decided to choose the song I wrote about the color red, which we ended up naming Scarlett. When I started writing the song, I had no idea how impactful it would be for me. I quickly learned that

The studio is where I thrive.

There’s something about walking into the recording booth that just makes my life complete. I’m not sure how to explain it but I’m convinced it’s some sort of magic. The beginning stages of writing Scarlett consisted of lists of everything red I could think of. We thought of all the ideas and directions we could go in. I poured my soul into the writing, spending weeks working on the lyrics making sure each one fit perfectly with the other. After compiling all of this and putting it on a poster board, I stepped into the studio with only a guitar and a single drum beat. I started singing and it all came out:

“mama always said to watch out for boys with eyes like yours, said he’ll leave you torn. She said careful darling, he’ll love you then leave you with a fire that sears your heart.he’ll be pretty on the outside, rotten to the core. Rose petals on your pillow case but all you feel are thorns and you won’t wnat to let him go.”

I wrote the bridge of this song in my sleep, literally! After six hours in the studio, I got home and fell asleep. I actually ended up having a dream about singing Scarlett on stage. The words just flowed. I always sleep with a pen by my bed in case of moments like these. I jolted out of bed, turned my light on and wrote the whole thing on my arm. The next day when I walked into the studio, I went straight to the booth and sang my heart out.

How would mama know unless she danced in the fire. And how would daddy know unless he taught her how to dance. so how could I have known? i’ve never danced in the fire. How could I know?”

Every emotion that I have had was poured into this song. If you listen really closely to the background vocals, you can almost hear my thoughts. That’s the thing about music. There’s nothing like it. It has a way of taking you to another place. That’s why I started writing, I wanted to take my listeners to another world where they could escape from reality for a few minutes. Working on this song helped me fill a lot of gaps I kept finding in my heart. We all have them. Music has helped me heal in ways I never would have been able to had it be an absent part of my life.